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Building an ethical business can be overwhelming

I believe entrepreneurs and small-business owners can make a huge impact on the world. You just need the “how-to” that will break the paralysis and jump-start you, and your business, into action — by destroying the myth that environmentalism is costly.

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The Eric Hoffer Award

“Richardson explores practical ways small business owners can maintain healthy profits while still having a positive—or at least not a negative—effect on planet Earth. A common theme is sustainability, which is defined as the ability to repeat common sense strategies with predictable results. The author opines that most small business owners want to do their part to make the world a better place, but struggle with profitability vs. sustainability. The author offers information and tools, revealing that smart sustainability advantages can give small business owners a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Bob Willard
Author and Founder, Sustainability Advantage

“Ethical Profit is the business book we need. Richardson’s pragmatic approach to sustainability for SME’s is filled with information, strategies and tools you can apply immediately. Over 98% of companies in the world are SMEs, yet they are the most challenging to engage in sustainability initiatives. This books fixes that dilemma. Its plethora of real-world examples will help SMEs see that smart sustainability strategies give them a competitive advantage. If every small business adopted just a few of these ideas, the effects would be world-changing.”

Jim Harris
#1 International Bestselling Author of Blindsided

“I believe accountants have the ability to save the world, and if they all used Richardson’s approach to finance and accounting, our business landscape would look much more sustainable. Ethical Profit shows how ‘going green’ is profitable, and can position your business as an innovative leader in your industry.”

Carl Friesen
Author of The Fame Game and Your Firm’s Expertise Edge

“Many business managers and owners want to the right thing, while also doing well. That is, they want to do their part to make the world a better place – including producing products that don’t harm the planet, ensuring that all the people in their supply chain are treated fairly, and being a good place to work – while also turning a profit. It’s such a radical departure from “business as usual,” that it requires a whole new approach to how to do business. But if applied well, the ideas in this book can help businesses be more successful – including financial success. Samantha Richardson takes this transformation and makes it manageable, practical and attainable.”

As an accountant, entrepreneur, and former farmer, I know the struggle to align ethics and business.

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I’ve devoted my career to helping entrepreneurs build ethical, sustainable businesses that turn a strong profit year over year.

I am an Australian Associate CPA and run one of only two Canadian B Corp accounting firms.

What keeps my clients coming back is that I help increase your profit, plan for the future, and align your business with your values.

Sustainable business practices future-proof your business and help the world. They mean you can build the company of your dreams and feel good about your impact.

One of my favorite things is when folks grasp the connection between sustainability and profit. When entrepreneurs realize they can make a difference in changing the future, amazing things happen.

99% of businesses are small and medium-sized. Collectively, they emit half of carbon emissions, so if we take action together, we can huge strides for the environment.

I look forward to helping you grow your ethical business.

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Being environmentally sustainable is good for business!

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Become a B Corporation

B Corps are a global movement of people using business as a force for good. They “consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.”

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As the second B Corp accounting firm in Canada, we can help your business become a certified B Corp and change the world.

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